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What are the minimum requirements for a 5 on the AP Chinese exam?

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I recently just took the Chinese AP exam. Although I am a native speaker, and I understand that the statistics tell me that 80% of people get 5's on the test, I am kinda worried that I did not get a 5. Based on my self-evaluation, I believe on listening, I did okay, I missed a few for sure because I wasn't focused and I couldn't understand very well. On reading, I think I did good, maybe even perfect. On writing, I think I did okay/good because for one, I ran out of time and I didn't have time to go back and proofread and two, I accidentally typed one word wrong and time ran out before I had time to change it. On speaking, I know I missed one question out of the conversation speaking and maybe parts of others because I talked about something that was the complete opposite of what was supposed to be said, but other than that, I did good and on the cultural speech, I did fantastic, with tons of culture, personal experience, and history (but might have not fully answered the question) but at the end, I had a 10 second pause of silence because I didn't know what to say next and then I just said my conclusion. Since I am a native speaker, my pronunciation and fluidity was on point during the speaking sections. My question is, what are the minimum requirements for a 5 on the AP Chinese exam and does it sound like I met them? I understand that most people get 5's on the AP Chinese exam but I just wanna make sure.
P.S. I might have been a little harsh on myself during the self-evaluation and if I left out anything else that I did on the exam, that probably means I did good on them; I only reiterated what my weak points were on the test.
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