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New 2013 AP French Exam

choo14choo14 8 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
I heard that the AP French exam changed to a new format, starting last year. Any thoughts/comments/tips from previous test-takers?

How is the curve now- appass.com has the raw score at an 80% for a 5, which is a little overly ambitious for me, but I think they're calculating off of the older exam (with the verb fill-ins and grammar focus).
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Replies to: New 2013 AP French Exam

  • AmmazzAmmazz 4 replies0 discussionsRegistered User
    MC questions were generally straightforward, the speaking ones especially to make up for some difficulty in comprehension that might arise, probably. So long as you are confident reading French as you are listening to it, you'll do fine.

    As for the FRQ's, just looking at the CollegeBoard samples, simple but clear sentences that effectively convey your point of view will suffice. As is evident with the speaking samples, clear communication, even if your pronunciation is a little off, is good enough to get you a 5 on those sections.

    Finally, relax. From seeing some of the reactions of students last year, myself included, people ended up getting a better score than they anticipated, and we may only hope for the best - that the curve is still as generous for you folks. Good luck.
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  • choo14choo14 8 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    Thanks so much! I need all the help I can get haha (:
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