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Official AP German Discussion Thread

ohhaiitslilyohhaiitslily 2 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Less than a week until this test, and I'm getting pretty nervous. Only for the multiple choice, though. Is anybody else taking it? What are you thinking about it? How are you studying? I guess there isn't really an actual way to prepare besides going over vocab. Yes. Discuss.
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  • Robodl95Robodl95 1 replies0 discussions
    I'm not worried, I know my abilities and had no problems with the sample questions on College Board (hope that doesn't sound cocky, I just love foreign languages and spend a lot of time studying them).

    I agree that at this point you can't magically improve your German in 5 days. I would go through the material on College Board and write down all the words that you don't know. Other than that there's a complete lack of exam-specific materials. Review your grammar a bit for the open-ended.

    Beyond the basic stuff just emerge yourself in the language for the next couple days. Watch some German TV. Some good shows are Türkisch für Anfänger (comedy about a German-Turkish family), Schulmädchen (Gossip-girl like) and Tatort (crime-scene drama), they're all on Youtube. Get some German music if you don't already. Read some Spiegel articles. Studying for foreign languages is fun because you can do everything you already mindlessly do (like listening to music) but actually learn something from it.

    Viel Glück!!!
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  • Green323Green323 1 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    So how did we all do? Good I trust.
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