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Ap french 2013

dottaydottay 8 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
Thoughts and comments!
I know it changed last year and it's not as grammar focused.
Tips for emails, persuasive essays, or speaking?
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2 replies
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Replies to: Ap french 2013

  • Manwitdaplan69Manwitdaplan69 1 replies0 discussionsRegistered User
    I just took it!

    I thought the MC was a lot easier than I expected, which means the curve will probably be harder...

    Did fine on everything up until the end, where I messed up pretty badly on the cultural comparison. How did everyone else do?
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  • choo14choo14 8 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    Does anyone know about percentages/raw scores for the grading? Like what # you need to get right/score on the FRQs to get a 5, etc
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