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Chances for Yale ED or UCB

RactogonRactogon 7 replies1 discussions
I am a junior in high school, and the most obsessed person you will ever meet in economics, international governance, business, history, philosophy, and learning how the world *really* works. My life is dedicated to the independent and absorbed learning of these disciplines. My specialties are macroeconomics, international political economy, and power networks in society. After receiving a B.S. in Economics, I intend to embark on doctoral studies on a Rhodes Scholarship, and work my way into the power elite, becoming a mixture of Rockefeller and Kissinger.

GPA: 3.95W, 3.8UW
SAT superscore: 2210
APs: AP World (3); Anticpated scores: AP US History (4-5), AP English (4-5), AP Calc (3)
Next year's APs: Psychology, Stats, Govt

Here is an excerpt from my resume, with adaptations added:

Persistent, ambitious, and eager high school junior. Aspiring financier and geopolitician since 7th grade. Areas of dedicated independent study and experience include:

Macroeconomics, international political economy
Investment strategy
Active networking
Entrepreneurship, business strategy
Political strategy, international relations
Persuasion on paper and in voice
Philosophy, psychology


Mayor's Office. 2012-present.
Assisting Mayor with economics, political strategy, and public relations.

High School. 2010 – 2014.
Vice President, cofounder of Model United Nations club. Recognized/awarded in all my conferences for my ability to persuade, and dominate in economics.
Clarinetist with Band since 8th grade. Will be next year's Treasurer. I improved the band's performance/work ethic with the materials I read about in business books!

Business manager/columnist of student newspaper, set record for most ads sold, first to generate profit. Won award for the best written, most thought provoking articles on real world issues.


Heritage High School. Class of 2014.
Los Medanos College. Summer courses in Computer Science, Macroeconomics (anticipated).

TEDxGoldenGatePark (Oct 2013): will be speaking at TEDx conference on macroeconomics, and my journey to gain acceptance in the professional world, and how I wrestled with dark thoughts as a younger teenager.
Wall Street Journal (Summer 2013): I was invited after meeting with the WSJ's CEO to an internship at the Journal; currently working out the kinks to intern in SF.
Council on Foreign Relations (May 2013): Maintain relationship with the Director of Intl. Economics. To be published in upcoming Foreign Affairs issue.
Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Feb 2013): Invited personally to meeting at Fed headquarter by Vice Chair Janet Yellen.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (Nov 2012): Met with President of FRBSF to discuss macroeconomics. The Federal Open Market Committee, which he presided over, adopted the recommendations I made to him at their Dec 2012 meeting.

Essays: Already getting started. One of my essays will not be on economics, but will probably be on how I almost got killed on a bike ride, and a sixteen year old boy learned of a thing called mortality.

AP US History teacher: My teacher regards me as his **** equal, and him and I have grown personally close. I nominated him for a grant which he won; he owes me a glowing letter of recommendation.
Mayor of my Town, who I've worked with
People at the Federal Reserve Bank that I've worked with, and can attest my expertise in macroeconomics

I met the Chair of the Yale Economics Department at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting, and the President of their Alumni club.
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Replies to: Chances for Yale ED or UCB

  • primemoatprimemoat 4 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    You have a great application and a lot of connections you can access for help. Your SAT scores are a bit low compared to the average Yale applicants as well as your AP test scores(better make those 5s!). Other than that though, your applications great. Yale is one of those schools that values experience and you'll definitely be set apart from the crowd with yours. You also know some of the staff, so that helps. However, Yale is still..... well Yale. Even among the ivies, Yale has the lowest ED acceptance rate. You better write some great, no, spectacular essays. If you do, then you got a pretty good shot, and definitely above the average applicants chances. I don't know much about Berkeley, but heard it's a good school. Good Luck!
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  • RactogonRactogon 7 replies1 discussions
    Thank you for your reply! I agree with everything you said.
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  • primemoatprimemoat 4 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    Happy to help.
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  • scderek4scderek4 51 replies0 discussions
    You're in at Berkeley for sure and have a good chance at Yale due to your awesome ECs. Good luck! :)
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  • RactogonRactogon 7 replies1 discussions
    Thank you!
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  • SubterraneanSubterranean 25 replies6 discussions
    Wow..you've done so much!
    Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Your passions are very clear through your extracurriculars.
    Your stats make you within the range of a typical applicant, but your extracurriculars make you extremely competitive.
    If you don't get into Berkeley, I'd be incredibly surprised and shocked...
    As for Yale, you have a great chance as far as applicants go. Still a reach, but it's always a reach. I think you have a better chance than the typical applicant, nonetheless.
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  • RactogonRactogon 7 replies1 discussions
    Thank you for your reply!
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  • DatkidontheblockDatkidontheblock 2 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    Everything sounds so good for you. You're gonna get into Yale if you were personally invited by Wall Street.
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  • RactogonRactogon 7 replies1 discussions
    haha thank you!
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