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Dropping grades in Junior Year - chances?

goingfargoingfar 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Hi everyone, I'm new on this site. If you guys could help me out, it'd be great!
I'm a current junior in a relatively competitive high school. What do you think are my chances of getting into colleges like boston college, johns hopkins, cornell?

This is my schedule- all my classes are honors if not AP

AP English Lit
Latin II
Spanish Lit
AP US history
Beginning Calculus - dropped from 94 to 80.
Social Science Research II

If my grades for all my classes have been in the 90-93 range, what do you think are my chances? The only thing that's really been bothering me is my calculus class. I had a 94 in Precalc and dropped to an 80 this semester. I may still have time to bring it up to an 85 but that's kind of unlikely. Will this look really bad to colleges and would it be wise to take AB calculus next year if I'm already struggling so much?
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Replies to: Dropping grades in Junior Year - chances?

  • kanickkanick 43 replies1 discussions
    You should be taking a math your senior year of high school. An 87 (94+80/2=87) is not considered bad enough to stop taking math-especially if you want to go to the schools above.
    I will give you a word of relief and tell you if your school offers BOTH AB and BC taking AB may actuallynot be as bad as you think. This is because honors pre-calc would be preparing you for BC. All the kids in non-honors will be taking AB-thus, the class might be slower than what you are used to-and maybe not as difficult. (this was what it was like when I was in HS)

    If you're absolutely afraid of taking AB at least take AP stat. You need a math.

    Best of luck, and your school may have "scattergrams" for college resources that will show you where you stand GPA wise/SAT/ACT compared to past students from your HS who got accepted to these schools. They are probably your best college resources-as is your guidance counselor-ask him/her about your course rigor.

    Best of luck!
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