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1st Time User: What are my chances for University of Texas?

Sota15Sota15 2 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum, and wanted to get some input on my chances of getting accepted into the University of Texas at Austin, even though I'm early in the process. (never hurts)

A little bit about myself...
I'm finishing up my Sophomore year. I attend the MOST challenging Public HS in the state of Minnesota, and the #2 best Public School in the state according to multiple publications such as US News Report.

My HS GPA at the end of this year is shaping up to be 3.4 unweighted, and about 3.55 weighted. I'm biased of course, but obtaining even a 3.25 is extremely challenging work at the school.

At the end of my Junior Year (next year) I will have taken 3 full year AP courses (World History, Economics (2nd yr course), US History) and 1 semester AP course (Psychology).

Outside of school...

I've played Piano for 11 years now.
I play school and legion baseball
I'm currently in the process of lettering in Volunteering
I'm on our school's Student Equity Team
I help at races benefitting cancer research

I am projected to get a 28 ACT.

I like to think that I write interesting, thoughtful essays which should help in the application process. However the GPA worries me.

Am I University of Texas material? If I keep on this path, what shot will I have of being accepted if I early-enroll in 1.5 years? Thanks!

Realistic thoughts and critism are accepted. :)
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  • texaspgtexaspg Super Moderator 203 replies10 discussions Junior Member
    Why UT? It is quite expensive for out of state.

    UT is accepting top 7% in state for 2014. Most of them are close to 4.0 GPAs. So if you were in Texas, it would be quite hard.
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  • melprumelpru 9 replies0 discussions
    I do not think that gpa coupled with a 28 ACT will be enough to enter as a freshman, especially being from out of state. However, it never hurts to apply because you never know. They take into consideration everything in your app, not just gpa so you could potentially get in. Try to aim for a better ACT though.
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  • Sota15Sota15 2 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    Thank you guys! I looked at the graph, and the average acceptancee's scores unweighted from my school was a bit below a 3.6 unweighted GPA and a 29-30 ACT.

    So obviously the odds arent out of reach with improvement, but still looking more doubtful than not. I've got some work to do!

    I'm also considering the University of Minnesota, Ohio State, Indiana, Macalester, and University of Washington right now. But things will always change.

    Texas is 1st priority though amongst other schools if I were to be accepted.
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