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JMU What are My Chances?

finalkrazefinalkraze 0 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Harvard Champion
My number one choice is James Madison University. I think it is a great school both academically and otherwise.

High School:
GPA: 3.2
SAT: 600 Reading; 610 Math; 520 Reading

I took mostly IB classes in high school and scored slightly above average in all areas tested. My IB coordinator is willing to write me an amazing recommendation if that would help at all.

GPA: Currently a 2.2 (low i know) but will be raised to a minimum of 2.6 hopefully around a 2.8-9. My degree will be an Associates of Science in Science with a specialization in mathematics.

I need your opinions on whether this will be enough to get accepted into my number one choice. JMU is an amazing school and I really want to go here. Please all opinions welcome.
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Replies to: JMU What are My Chances?

  • kanickkanick 43 replies1 discussionsRegistered User College Search & Selection Champion
    Hey, I'm no admissions adviser, but I do go to JMU. My understanding is that NOVA has an agreement with each state school about guaranteed admissions. I think the best person to talk to about this would be the NOVA transfer admissions adviser. I'm pretty sure one of my past roommates ended up going to JMU this way (she got her associates from NOVA).

    Best of luck (Also remember that there are lots of other really fantastic instate schools to consider as well)
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  • kanickkanick 43 replies1 discussionsRegistered User College Search & Selection Champion
    Also you might want to ask the person running this forum about JMU minimum transfer GPA. They seem to know a lot about your question

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