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Chance me for BYU?

NickjickNickjick 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
White, Arizona, LDS Member. Graduated a year early.

PSAT: 180
ACT: 27

High School classes:

8th grade:
Algebra I 79%: C

9th grade: GPA: 3.55
English I 93%: A
Computer Programming 99%: A
Geometry 83%: B
Integrated Science 93%: A

Leadership Seminar 95%: A
Algebra II(YL)(Elective credit) 87%: B
P.E. 100%: A
Media Tech 93%: A

10th grade: GPA UW: 3.53 W: 3.71
AP Comp. Science H 87%: B
Algebra II(YL)(Math Credit) 87%: B
English II 89%: B
Photo I 95%: A

IB Software Development H 95%: A
World History 94%: A
College Algebra H 87%: B
Biology 93%: A

11th Grade: GPA UW: 3.56 W: 3.68
German I 92%: A
AZ/US History 96%: A
Recreational Sports 99%: A
Physics 92%: A

German II 83%: B
English III 94%: A
Pre Calc H 70%: C
Choir 95%: A

Online Classes taken at same time as last 4 classes online:
Econ/Gov 81%: B
English IIII 94%: A
Spanish I 93%: A

Overall GPA UW: 3.57 W:3.68

Volleyball 9th-11th, Varsity 11th

Job Exp.:
Paid Internship during summer before 11th grade with Ron Turley and Associates Inc.(Programming)

Captain for JV Volleyball 9th-10th grade
Deacon Quorum 2nd and 1st counselor
Teacher Quorum 2nd and 1st counselor along with President
Seminary Class President 11th grade
Seminary Class Vice President 9th/10th grade

Comm. Service:
Scouts(100+ hours of service)
School service projects(30 hours of service)

Add. Info:
Will be Eagle Scout by time of admission.
Am in good standing with church so Ecclesiastical Recommend is no problem.
Have Duty to God award.

Other than that I don't really know what else to put...
Just need to know my chances of getting into BYU, I'm just really worried about my GPA.
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