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How much damage will one C do?

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So, just when I finished high school, I decided to take Calc 1 in the summer (even though I took it my senior year of high school). I was takin calc 1 again because I thought it would be a good way to review for Calc 2, which I knew would be harder. I also took it again incase I didn't get a 4 on the AP test. Once I got my AP scores, i realized that I got a 4. My community college wanted at least a 4 to proceed to calc 2. I thought I can get the B my the end of the summer session, but I ended up getting a C. I also didn't want to drop the course.

I really want to go to UC Berkeley, and I know they have high standards. I am aiming for my max GPA by this Fall (3.69). How badly will the C affect my chances?

NVM guys, it would be better to post in the UC transfers section of the forum
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