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Will a 93 uw keep me out of Ivies?

elnamoelnamo 7 replies3 discussions New Member
Specially columbia and penn.

Hardest courseload available in school, all honors and 7 APs by graduation.
GPA for core classes is 94.

Thanks :)
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Replies to: Will a 93 uw keep me out of Ivies?

  • pearadockspearadocks 7 replies3 discussions
    depends on school/rank. in addition, a 93 UW won't 100% keep you out of Ivies - if your ECs and other parts of your app are strong enough you have as good a chance as most (except possibly HYP, and even then if you're a super good athlete you could get recruited, but the odds are slimmer). keep in mind however that many other applicants may be as qualified as you in terms of ECs, test scores, etc but have higher GPAs. i'm sure you know this already, but overall, while it's a disadvantage, it won't "keep you out". gl!
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