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(PLEASE ANSWER)Should I just give up on Harvard or other ivies? (Honestly)

XiomaraXiomara 12 replies3 discussions Forum Champion
Okay, so I had a very difficult middle school life (7th and 8th) and freshman year with terrible eye sight and my mom couldn't afford glasses for me since she's broke. She makes $26,000 a year and pays $1,200 monthly rent. That's $14,400 annually only on rent. Also, my parents are divorced and I receive only $300 every month from my father for child support.

During 7th grade I took living environment which is included on my transcript since its a high school course and got an 85 in the class. I got a 79 on the regents. In 8th grade I took living environment again because apparently there was a mess up in the system. I got an 87 in the class and 88 on the regents. I also took algebra in which I got an 86 in the class and 81 on the regents.

During freshman year of high school I got:
(English)First semester: 83
Second Semester:93

(Physical Education)First semester: 85
Second Semester:85

(Global)First semester: 98
Second Semester:98

(Earth Science) First semester: 90
Second Semester: 93

(Spanish)First semester: 90
Second Semester: 96

(Geometry)First semester: 85
Second Semester: 93

(Graphics and Design)First semester: 98
Second Semester:95

Also, I only was a library intern and countered in a Junior ROTC program.
Just two things. I also volunteered in my church over the summer helping in blood drives and clothing drives. (Not much I know)

I got turned down when I applied for a new high school AND I got rejected from a Stony Brook University geoscience program. I feel so stupid and I just want to cry forever, but I'm trying not to. I got rejected if course because of my first semester grades.

The reason for upwards trend in the second semester is because I finally saved up enough money to buy classes and get my eyes checked. I haven't had an issue with any subject and my lowest grade on an exam so far was a 93.

Keep in mind I got my glasses about a week ago so I'm not that good yet haha.

When I had decent eyesight, I always had excellent grades.

Now that I have my glasses, I understand everything . I don't know if I have the dunning-Kruger effect going on and I'm actually dumb, but think I have potential when I actually don't.

Also, I'm Latina by the way. (Hispanic)

If I show an upwards trend can I get into Harvard or should I just give up, honestly?

I feel so unintelligent since kids at Harvard probably have never been rejected by anything and I have already been rejected by 2 programs.
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Replies to: (PLEASE ANSWER)Should I just give up on Harvard or other ivies? (Honestly)

  • XiomaraXiomara 12 replies3 discussions Forum Champion
    Someone. Please take the time to read this and respond an honest opinion.
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  • XiomaraXiomara 12 replies3 discussions Forum Champion
    Also , sorry for the terrible grammar. I'm such so tired and stressed that j don't even care anymore.
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  • RactogonRactogon 7 replies1 discussions
    Your story makes mine look like I had a cakewalk.
    And for that reason, you should not give up. You have worked so hard to get to where you are. Do not let the intimidation of one college's rejection spur you from attempting to at least ask for admission. If you cast your experiences in an essay about triumph, you could definately stand out. And besides, even if you are rejected, you can still go to another college and do great things.
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  • DatkidontheblockDatkidontheblock 2 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    If you talk about how you wore your glasses and it like "opened" up your life both physically and intellectually in your essay, I feel like you might have a good chance.

    I like your story. As a student who wore glasses all my life, I completely understand where you're coming from. Without glasses, I feel blind. Keep trying!
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