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College Chances PLEASE? Very detailed

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Hi. I am a junior who is going to apply to the following colleges this upcoming summer (writing in order of which colleges I want to go to the most) UCLA ( HUGE LEGACY (Aunt went here, cousins, and about 5 to 6 other associates) legacy), USC (legacy), UCSD, UCI, UCSB, UTA, SDSU, UCR, and CSULA, and want to know my chances and what to change in order to improve them. My stats and information are as follows:
SAT: 2200
UCWGPA: 4.05
Non Weighted GPA: 3.5ish
SAT 2 Korean: 760
SAT 2 Math 2: 770
SAT 2 English 2: 800
Including Senior Year, I took/will take 9-10 AP classes
I have worked 500 plus community service hours (still going) and I have a clean record and a few scholarships already. I started and was the president of the Korean Club at my school and participated in the new MUN at my school which I also co-founded as well. I wrote a novel and I am in the process of publishing it, and transferred schools during the middle of Sophomore year. I can probably get atleast 2 recommendation letters. I moved 7 times or so around the LA metropolitan area and had a rather interesting childhood (somewhat bad) that can help me write a killer essay. I played varsity golf sophomore year and used to be a prodigy (until I had tendinitis and practiced less ). I tried IB but transferred. I am currently working at In-n-out and I am a California Resident born in Burbank. I know a lot of this info is sorta useless but it can make or break me in some of the bigger colleges such as UCLA.

Majors I will apply for are (no double majors just one or the other):

UCLA: Journalism or Psychology (or Asian-American Studies)
USC: Journalism or Business
UCSD: Journalism or Psychology or Business
UCI: Same
UCSB: Same
UTA: Same
SDSU: Same

Classes sophomore year and junior year are as follows

Summer of Sophomore Year: Careers: A
First Semester
3D Art: A
TMA: D+ (retook over summer and got A or B forgot)
AP Euro: B
Spanish 2: B
Golf: A

Second Semester
3D Art: A
LA2Honors: A
TMA: D (Retook over summer and got A or B)
AP Euro: B
Spanish 2: A
Golf: A

Junior year:
Spanish 3 Honors (weighted): A
Chem Honors (Keep in mind I only dropped Chem when I was transferring because the school didn't have space for me and it will not show up on my transcript) (weighted): B/A (Csts may make a difference)
Psychology: A

Current and most likely grades for second semester
Spanish 3 honors:A
Chem honors: B/A
Sociology: A

Next Years classes

APGOV/APECON (Taught as one class but two AP courses)
AP Calc (maybe or might do an easy math like sports statistics instead)
Possibly AP Art History or Weightsd
IDK but maybe one more here too

Please feel free to leave suggestions on how I should change things if I have to and please tell me what my chances are for sure. If you do add a change please tell me how much my chances will improve . Thank You.
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