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Chances- Cu Bouder- Individualized

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Some of you might remember me from last year. Okay, yes I don't like individualistic approaches, but I need advice on my current situation. I'm trying to understand this whole concept of "college". Here's the deal, I'm incorporating predicted ACT scores from prior tests. I'm sorry, I can repost this a year or two from now. However, I wanted some feedback on the probability for Cu Boulder and what I could improve to help my chances.
GPA- 4.3 weighted
C.R.- 22/213, will be 13th again at some point
Multiple honors courses, probably around eight AP courses in the future
currently a sophomore
Predicted ACT score of 30, will aim for 32
Internship at the Denver museum of nature and science, two years employed, two years going to volunteer
Link Leader, i.e. introducing 9th graders to high school
My school's Honor Society
200 hr Volunteer club
I don't know what I have to fear, but my parents ride my back on "you need better grades, don't get below a 4 on the AP tests". They are concerned about my position to get into Cu Boulder. There are a couple awards, I can throw, but mostly little things. Sorry for the time in reading my current situation, I don't like posting things like this. I hope I don't come off as some jerk displaying his stats. Thank You
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