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UNC Chapel Hill admissions chances?

swimmer315swimmer315 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
UNC is my dream school, and while I think I probably have a good chance of getting in, I would like a better idea of what my chances are and where I need to improve. I am currently a Junior at one of the most competitive and challenging public high schools in Georgia, where I rank in the top 7% of my class (2014). I have taken 5 AP classes to date (World History (5), US History, Language and Composition, Chemistry, and Art History), and am taking 4 more my senior year (Biology, Spanish, Calculus AB, and Literature). Also, all of the other courses I've taken have been honors courses (excluding electives), and I have recieved straight A's other than 3-4 High B's in AP and Honors classes. Because I have a career goal of becoming a physical therapist, next year I will also be interning in the field. I am involved in our Elementary School mentoring Club, and am a National Honors Society member, while also volunteering in other ways throughout the community. Next year I will serve as co-president of our Chrisitian Service Club and am currently in the process of beginning a chapter of the international organization Right to Play. I have been on the varsity swim team all three years, and will run for captain this year as a senior. I also swim for an elite club team (top 3 in the nation) that requires 25+ hours each week of training and competition, and have been a part of the team for over 10 years. I additionally volunteer extensively with the team serving as a coaching assistant and working at meets. I plan to continue my swimmer career at the collegiate level, and compete for UNC Varsity swimming. I understand that being a UNC athlete can potentially help with admissions; however I am more interested in what my chances are leaving any possible assistance of this nature out of the equation. Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate your feedback!
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  • CatriaCatria 110 replies1 discussions Junior Member
    Can you swim at a Division I level?
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  • makingitbigmakingitbig 2 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    1860 SAT and 28 ACT
    660 on SAT Bio subject test
    Total AP/IB classes: Human Geo, European Hist., Bio, Chem, Stat, Eng 11, Macro Econ, and IB business management. (I'm a business major)
    Only 3 years of high school (took classes over summer and had taken 5 AP's by sophomore year).
    GPA 4.8
    Class rank in top 5%
    I've had about 2 internships before.
    More than 300+ community service hours.
    Co-founded a company that makes $200,000+ per year.
    16 years old.
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  • swimmer315swimmer315 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    Yes, I can swim D1.
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  • ahsmuohahsmuoh 6 replies1 discussions New Member
    My dd was rejected. OOS - all honors and AP's (7 total). 34 ACT. 4.0 UW - 4.6 W GPA - top 5% of very competitive private school. State and National Y 7 time qualifier level swimmer. 4 year varsity and captain, national honor society, many volunteer organizations, chemistry and writing tutor, 4 years working as lifeguard, 5 years volunteering in nursing home - I am probably forgetting something. But my point is - if you are OOS - it is a crap shoot - depending on what they are looking for. You have as good of a chance as MANY MANY other OOS kids applying - BUT if you want to swim and you are D1 level - you will get in! My dd did not want to continue swimming and actually decided she wasn't going to go to UNC even if she got in before the answer came. It is a beautiful campus and great school - Goodluck.
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