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Junior year planning - portfolio or other academics?

hs2015momhs2015mom 4 replies4 discussions Forum Champion
The long version of my question is here: Junior year planning and breadth vs depth – very long, sorry - College Confidential

but here’s the short version.

She’s homeschooled, gifted artist and math kid, put art on the back burner for a few years while blasting through a bunch of AoPS courses. Now she wants to get back to art seriously, and do a double major or dual degree in art and applied math. She’s at this point interested in a range of schools – universities, LACs and engineering schools with cool high-tech art programs. (a few from the current - long - list are Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Rice, Vanderbilt, Carleton, Oberlin, RPI, Rochester)

So for the most part, she’ll be applying to the college or university as a whole, not to the art program. The question is, in a busy junior year if forced to choose between working on her art portfolio and burnishing her general academic credentials, which should she do?
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