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joint- or dual-degrees for art and math

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My d is a homeschooled sophomore, longtime art kid who immersed herself in math for a few years and now re-emphasizing art. She's thinking that she wants to major in it in college, but does not want to go to art school. She wants the experience of a liberal arts education and to keep her math going (she's currently taking Multivariable Calculus), to keep open options for employment later on.

Doing a double major in art and math at an LAC is no problem, but at larger universities with a separate art school granting BFAs, it looks like it gets complicated. At this point we're thinking mainly of schools in the Midwest and Northeast, with Rice, Vanderbilt and Duke thrown in. Stats will make HYP too much of a reach, and Brown/RISD is a longshot for anyone, but 'lower ivies' and a notch or two below that could work. Here's what I've found out so far:

Reach/Match range:
Cornell - allows 5-year BA/BFA
Carnegie Mellon - has their BXA programs; the BSA would work for her art/math combo
I know that there's a Tufts/SMFA program, but have read mostly negative things about SMFA
BU - BFA program; joint degrees sound possible
Case Western - has joint degree with Cleveland Institute of Art for Art Education, but anything else seems a no-can-do
RIT: BFA only; joint degree doesn't sound possible
RPI: BS electronic arts looks interesting; joint degree sounds like it might be possible

Safety range:
University of Kansas - art school gives option of BFA or BA; sounds like latter could be part of a double major
University of Illinois - BFA only; can't tell on joint degree but doesn't look promising
Miami Ohio - same as above

Suggestions/corrections/info/ideas appreciated. Thanks.
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