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PPE vs Econ for management consulting/finance

fedexpress123fedexpress123 1 replies2 discussions Forum Champion
1) Hi guys, does anyone know if majoring in PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Econ) hurts my chances at getting jobs/internships at good consulting firms/banks vs an Econ Degree?

Ideally consulting is my preference, but I would like to keep finance/banking as another option that I might want to pursue. I like the fact that PPE has more breadth, and feel that it has a broad focus that I would enjoy.

2) I realize that having a good GPA and the right activities play a big role, but does the major matter as much the other factors?

3) Plus, would u say PPE is more difficult to do well in than just ECON?

Thanks Really Need to sort this dilemma out!!!!
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Replies to: PPE vs Econ for management consulting/finance

  • chriswchrisw 6 replies2 discussions Junior Member
    1) It doesn't matter. If you look at the career surveys, you'll see a lot of PPE and Econ majors going into consulting and banking.

    2) GPA trumps major by a LOT. A 3.9 in Philosophy or Art History beats the hell out of a 3.3 in Econ or Wharton.

    3) Yes, PPE is more difficult insofar as it has more requirements, but as far as coursework goes, the difficulty of the two majors is largely dependent on the student. Neither one is going to have a whole lot of rote memorization; it's all about understanding. If you get it, then it will be easy; if not, you'll have trouble.

    I went into college expecting to do PPE, but I found a passion in political science so pursued that instead. It is probably wise to enter with the goal of doing PPE - if you choose to go down a different road, it will be easier than starting by looking at Econ and then choosing to go down the PPE road.
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  • fedexpress123fedexpress123 1 replies2 discussions Forum Champion
    thank you!! I will start pursuing ppe, but I hope that the flexibility will allow me to get a better idea.
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