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Econ Scheduling

iranb94iranb94 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Hi all

I'm an econ major trying to finalize scheduling for next semester.

Should I combine econ 103 with math 240 and take elective courses, or should I combine econ 103 with 101 and take math 240 in the spring.

I really just want to have a lighter course load and have a good chance of getting decent grades. My GPA is pretty low at the moment, and I'd like to spend next semester picking up the pieces of many bad semesters. Which sequence do you guys recommend?
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Replies to: Econ Scheduling

  • limemintlimemint 1 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    Both schedules are about the same in difficulty. In math 240, you’ll have to deal with the weekly quizzes in the early morning, and in econ 101, weekly homework. I found math 240 to be easy enough because the exams were pretty straightforward. I do know that the more complicated vector calculus material has been moved to math 114, so maybe the material has become easier. Then again, it depends on what the vector calculus stuff was replaced by. I had an absolutely dreadful teacher for econ 101 and the curve was weird. The average for the first midterm was about 190/200 (more like 220 because of extra credit), the second was 140/200. The final was the weirdest thing ever. I omitted a number of questions that I had no idea how to solve, and somehow, I got 236/200. Don’t ask. Overall, I guess math was easier, at least for me.

    If you want easy, just fulfill your sector requirements with stuff like math 170, phys 016, bio 0XX, crim 100, etc. A lot of college courses tend to be free A-‘s, but not free A’s. Penn Course Review is your friend.
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