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Admissions to UPenn

baroqueballerbaroqueballer 3 replies3 discussions Forum Champion
Hello all,
I am just a sophomore in high-school, but I am interested attending UPenn for college. As the current school year is drawing to a close, I am trying to schedule classes for next year. I am wondering if it is best for me to try to take PreCalculus over the summer to be ahead of my classmates, or If I should wait until next year and just take Honors PreCalculus.

Thanks for the help
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Replies to: Admissions to UPenn

  • MadaboutxMadaboutx 6 replies0 discussions New Member
    If the purpose is to just be ahead, it probably won't help that much. If you're doing it because you have a passion for math and want to take extra math courses may help.
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  • jt1995jt1995 7 replies6 discussions
    If you're looking at a math-related major, I would say to do it. That way, you'll be able to submit an AP test for Calculus when you apply, rather than note it as a class of your senior course load. If it doesn't impede on some prestigious and/or beneficial summer activity and you can do well, I say go for it!
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  • baroqueballerbaroqueballer 3 replies3 discussions Forum Champion
    Thanks for the input! Also, I would be probably looking into Pre-Med or Engineering as my major.
    Thanks again for the help!
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