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ED Penn Bio-Dental v. SCEA HYP

xpinkxxxpinkxx 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Hi all,

I'm currently a junior considering applying early to either Penn or a HYP-type school (probably Harvard) in the fall. I specifically would like to be in Penn's Bio-Dental (7 year accelerated dental) Program, although I know it is extremely competitive. If I apply ED to Penn, I can opt to apply early to the program specifically - if I am accepted to Penn but not the program, the decision will not be binding, as ED typically is. However, my other option would be to apply SCEA to HYP (again, probably Harvard), which is not binding if I am fortunate enough to be admitted. I just worry that applying regular decision to Penn will strong hurt my chances of admission. Thoughts?

In addition, which do you all think would be a better choice (I would be the luckiest girl on earth if I had to make this decision!): Harvard or Penn Bio-Dental?

Thanks =)
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Replies to: ED Penn Bio-Dental v. SCEA HYP

  • kbolisetty23kbolisetty23 7 replies1 discussions New Member
    Go with SCEA, since that way you can get competitive Financial Aid Offers instead of being stuck with whatever they decide to give you from ED. As a pre-dental student, you should be trying to save as much money during undergrad due to your mandatory grad school expenses (there is no financial aid for dental school). At this echelon, the schools are pretty much academically equal so just go with whatever's cheaper.
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  • xpinkxxxpinkxx 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    Thanks kbolisetty23 =)
    However, financial aid isn't much of a factor; I'm fairly certain I won't receive any. In fact, you arguably save money in the Bio-Dental Program because you pay for one less year of dental school.
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