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Can I possibly get admitted into UNC?

jackoo456jackoo456 1 replies4 discussions Forum Champion
Hi guys,

I'm a sophomore about to finish 10th grade in Massachusetts, and I probably will have a 2.7 cumulative GPA by the end of my sophomore year. I can do better than that and I'm going to a public school and plan to take lots of AP and honors courses to boost my GPA after going to a christian school and not taking tough courses. If I can boost my GPA the way I want it to, I think I can get a 3.5 cumulative GPA after my junior year. If I get great SAT and ACT scores, could I get into UNC?
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  • AmazhonAmazhon 7 replies0 discussions New Member
    The great news is you are going to work on that GPA and standardized tests. However, having a 2.7 AND being out of state already puts you at the bottom of the pool as things stand now. There just aren't enough spots. My D applied OOS with a 3.7 and was admitted, but we were scared to death. She did have really strong extracurricular and leadership activities.

    Another issue is the reason behind the 2.7. You said you got that taking easy classes, so it begs to question can you get a 4.0 next year taking harder classes? If you do you've already got a great essay explaining how you were able to overcome your lower GPA and show an upward trend.

    So to answer your question, is it possible. Yes. But you have a tougher road than many others who will be applying. I'd do the best you can and if UNC is your dream school, go for it! We did and have no regrets.
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