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UNC CCI Laptop order process

kingko01kingko01 4 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
Hello guys. I ordered the CCI laptop with my CCI laptop grant(by redeeming the account number) on April 26th, and I received an email indicating that I would receive another email abouth the confirmation of my order within 2-3 business days; however, I have not gotten any email regarding the process of my order until now. I sent an email to them. No respond. I called and left a message to them. No respond. I wonder if any of you has the similar situation like me? Thanks.

Another problem. I just realized that I forgot to tell UNC admission office about I dropped my PE class in March before being admitted. I just sent an email about my concern if they would revoke the admission or not(I did well in all my current courses. I got "A" in all of my courses).
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Replies to: UNC CCI Laptop order process

  • JuliaMomJuliaMom 1 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    Hi kingko01..I am not sure what to tell you about dropping the gym class, I would call admissions for advice on that.
    As far as the CCI grant/order goes..my daughter had the same issues. No second email other than the first initial order email, then no response after sending two emails. Finally after calling the Ram Store and leaving a message at the CCI desk she got a call back. She was told that her order was being prepared for pick up at orientation and that the CCI laptop Grants would be applied to her account sometime in the next week. (That was as of last week)
    If you recieved the first order email I would not worry..I think this is just an extremely busy time for the CCI department!
    Hope this helps ease your mind, and good luck with everything! :)
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  • kingko01kingko01 4 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    thanks julia, i sent an email to the admission office, and i am waiting for their respond. anyway, thx.
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