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Chance me at UIUC?

arude8arude8 7 replies3 discussionsRegistered User
Hi i'm a junior at a highly ranked northwest suburban high school (stevenson) and I am wondering what my chances would be to get in to u of i
Right now I am thinking about applying to either dgs, las, or bus. My dad died when I was 12 and my mom is an immigrant from mexico. My brother has autism so I also do some charity for autism speaks.

My Stats
GPA: now is 3.85 and should be up to 3.93 at end of the semester if my grades hold up
ACT: (highest in each)

Freshman: Freshman English-Ac, World History, Biology-Ac, Advanced algebra accelerated, and Spanish 2
Sophomore: Sophomore English-Ac, AP Human Geography (5), Geometry-Ac, Chemistry-Ac, Public Speaking, and Spanish 3
Junior: Junior English-Ac, AP US History, Physics-Ac, Pre Calculus-Ac, Spanish 4
Senior: Anatomy-Ac, Political Thought, AP Psychology, AP Macroeconomics, AP US Government, AP comparative Government, AP Statistics
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Replies to: Chance me at UIUC?

  • ilana1593ilana1593 1 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    Based on your stats, I would say that you would definitely get into LAS and business is a probably. Don't apply to DGS. If you don't get in to business or LAS (which i'm pretty sure you will), you will be automatically considered for DGS. I'm confident that you will at least get into the school.
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  • arude8arude8 7 replies3 discussionsRegistered User
    Thanks for your input anyone else?
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  • yankeesfan6792yankeesfan6792 1 replies1 discussionsRegistered User
    Your selling yourself short, you will do a lot better than U of I! (Not that there's anything bad about it lol)
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  • arude8arude8 7 replies3 discussionsRegistered User
    Really? Lol illinois i my dream school tho...
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  • uofiapplicantuofiapplicant 7 replies0 discussionsRegistered User
    Apply directly to business. You are in the 75% for the B-school. It's a fantastic option if you can get in.
    Good Luck.
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  • lixuelailixuelai 2 replies0 discussionsRegistered User New Member
    Since you are not aiming for engineering you should do yourself a favor and apply to NW and UChicago assuming you want to stay in state. Unless there has been a huge applicant inflation since I graduated your stats should be pretty safe for UIUC no matter the major.
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