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Uchicago optional essay

galgal27galgal27 0 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
Hi CC world!! I'm just finishing up my junior year, and I will be applying to U of C either EA or RD this year. Although I know that this is extremely early to be posting about essays, I came up with an idea for the optional uchicago essay about favorite books, films, etc, and I would love the input of a uchicago student, acceptee, or otherwise kind and knowledgable soul! Knowing of the university's reputation for loving unexpected and truthful essays, I was thinking about writing about my obsession with reality television. Possibly, I was thinking about making it sound like I was in an AA meeting or something and talk about how I've tried to mask my love for such trashy entertainment with Tolstoy and Emerson, and although I still do enjoy these works, I will always have a soft spot for reality television. I know that admissions officers always say to be yourself, but I'm afraid that this may come across as me not appreciating the academic caliber of the university (and trust me, I DO). Anyways, I know that this is all super early, but any response will be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!
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    I wouldn't recommend to write your plan in such detail up here at CC. Remember that a huge % of applicants reads here. jussayin...
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