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Undergrad With A Living Predicament!!! Please Help!!!

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Okay I will be transferring to UCF in the fall from Jacksonville Florida. I virtually don't know anyone there and the transition has me a bit nervous. Most of my conflict comes from my living arrangement. My parents REALLY want me to stay in the Towers to avoid the hassle of having to pay rent but I'm not so sure. Because I don't know anybody being in a social environment is very important to me and I hear that the towers are quote anti-social. Will living there hinder my college experience in terms of meeting people, getting involved, going to parties, and enjoying myself altogether? I'm also a bit nervous about living in the apartments (Northgate would be my choice) because my parents are completely negative about it and I simply don't know what to expect. Once again will it boost or hinder my college experience? I would love to have the ability to throw my own parties from time to time so is this something that I would be able to do? Lastly cost is a big issue but my grants and loans could cover either. Only issue is with the apartment I would have to pay out of pocket for a while until the check actually comes in. Should I do it that way or just pay the extra money to avoid the headache? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!! I am the first in my family to move away for college and no REAL advice at all... Thanks in advance.
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