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Retaking Courses, C and C+

saldana23saldana23 0 replies2 discussions
Hello everyone! I posted this in the UC transfer thread because it is relevant to all UC's and this thread because I currently attend UCSB (rising sophomore).

However, this past quarter was difficult to me for due to a couple of family incidents, I was working on the weekends, had a marketing internship, and was network with Big Four companies (yes as a freshie).

My grades for winter quarter where as follows:

Calc for social sciences B+
Intro to Acting A
Intro-Macro Econ C+
Financial Accounting C

Now I know for a FACT I can do better than that but given my circumstances, I could not pull it of. However, do not the impression that I slacked off, I managed to land a PwC internship in San Fran this summer (as a first year!).

Now the UCSB site, and all other UC sites for that matter, will not allow me to retake those two classes. BUT! I have enrolled to UCSD summer sessions and have already enrolled in both of their equivalents to ours. Will my UCSB accept those grades and contribute them to my cumulative GPA in lieu of my two C's?

I am going to petition but how can I convince my dean that those grades do not reflect my capacity and have them accept my UCSD summer session grades instead? My friend told me UCSB will accept other UC classes for letter grades (as long as they approve first).

This post was longer than I anticipated, sorry!

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  • andrewexdandrewexd 4 replies0 discussions New Member
    Unfortunately you can only replace failed grades, so even if you retake those classes at another school UCSB will only count the first passing grade for your premajor GPA.
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