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Does UCLA Tuition depend on how many units you take?

rollbackccrollbackcc 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Hi. Can someone please explain to me how tuition works? Online, it says that an undergraduate student pays $12692 in tuition. If I take 2 units and a kid takes 19 units, do we pay the same amount? Or is it cost by individual class? Should I the not choose classes that are not part of my major since they are a waste of money? Thank you.
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Replies to: Does UCLA Tuition depend on how many units you take?

  • PhilosoupPhilosoup 5 replies1 discussions New Member
    tuition is yearly (same regardless of units) so if you take 2 units then it's your loss and waste of time.
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  • CremieuxRCremieuxR 1 replies0 discussions
    if you are taking unnecessary classes that would prohibit you to graduate on time, then yes that is a waste of money.

    summer school tuition is based off of units. fall/winter/spring quarters are not.
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