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Does anyone know if you can apply ED to other schools after (1) you've received an acceptance under SCEA, (2) you've been deferred under SCEA, or (3) you've been rejected SCEA. I cannot find anything on the Tulane site that addresses this. The reason I ask is there are several schools on my daughters list that have ED II dates after December 15th.
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    I would think the intent of SCEA is that if you are accepted, you would stick to the agreement not to apply to other schools through ANY early decision process, even if it is secondarily early.
    By applying Single Choice, however, students are letting Tulane know that Tulane is their first choice institution at the time of applying and that they are not applying to any other schools early (either through early decision or early action).
    So while that doesn't specify EDII, that is still a form of early decision.

    But as far as (3), I think it is rather obvious that if you are denied admission from Tulane completely, that frees a person up to do whatever they want, there is zero obligation to Tulane at that point. But Tulane almost never denies admission at that stage, it almost always defers anyone not accepted EA or SCEA.

    Which brings us to (2). I would say that since a deferral puts one into the RD pool, the SCEA obligation is over at that point. And certainly, Tulane's intent would never be to limit a student's options that severely. SCEA before Dec 15 is one thing; given the current convoluted mechanism of the admissions process at most schools these days it has a purpose. But once that deadline passes without a resolution, there is no further purpose to limiting a student's options.

    As always, JMHO.
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