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Slipping second semester grades

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Hi. I am an admitted student with a 96 unweighted. I have always done extremely well in school and I have been accepted to Binghamton, which is great! Throughout my high school career, my grades have been amazing, including right now, but a lot of my grades have started to slump.

However, there is one class that I am in danger of failing--calculus. I am honestly terrible at calculus and my emotionally awful senior year is making the whole situation seem hopeless. I am getting really scared that, when Binghamton asks for my end-of-year transcript, if I fail this class, then my acceptance will be rescinded.

Is this a reasonable fear? All of my other grades are fine, though they have slumped. Honestly, the one insanely bad class is math. If you really don't know and you're just making an uneducated guess, please don't post here. I need the solace of the facts, even if they're not positive for me. Thanks so much.
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