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To report or not report?

jadeniojadenio 13 replies1 discussions
Okay so I took the AP Biology exam today.

After the exam one of my friends mentioned that 2 kids (I know them both), cheated on the exam. This friend told me how everyone was talking about it, I havent had a chance to ask anyone else about it yet but I will tomorow.

Supposedly they saw all of the questions like a day before the test (dont ask how, theres a million different possibilities), and that they basically knew every answer.

I was wondering how this would affect my score, if it does at all, and if I should report it or not.

If reporting it would mean cancellation of everyone's scores then I obviously will not report it.
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Replies to: To report or not report?

  • Sdgal2Sdgal2 11 replies0 discussions
    You cannot report third hand information...you neither saw them cheat nor heard it from them personally. It would make you look bad...especially if the people who told you decide to deny ever having said anything. Let them tell if they want.
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