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Hi! I was accepted into both SCAD and SAIC's writing program with a pretty big scholarship from each.
But I'm torn with where I want to go.
I was just wondering- which school is the best? I've heard that SCAD has better opportunities for when you are finished with college, is that true?

What are the benefits of both schools?

Thanks in advance for replies!! I would really appreciate some advice!!! :)
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Replies to: SCAD vs SAIC

  • RainingAgainRainingAgain 1 replies0 discussionsRegistered User New Member
    You will make your own opportunities regardless of which school you attend. If your work is good, the right people will notice. If it isn't any good, where you went won't make a difference.

    Still the quality of a program comes down to the faculty, but you cant really judge the ability of a professor to teach based on their C.V. Ideally, other students can offer you an opinion.

    I believe SCAD's Dramatic Writing program is new -- maybe 3 to 5 years old? Savannah has a persistent presence in the film industry; there may be decent contacts and opportunities within the area. Because it is new, I'd be slightly cautious, but if Savannah inspires you then it could be a great place to study.

    I don't know anything about the program at SAIC.
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