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US History

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How does the US History SAT subject test compare to the AP test?
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  • HONORLIONSHONORLIONS 14 replies1 discussions Junior Member
    When I took the two tests last year (APUSH and then the June USH SAT), I found a pretty convenient overlap between the two with regards to the actual material. I prepped well for the AP multiple choice and subsequently only had to do a few SAT II practice tests. Ended up with a 5/800.

    I think the main difference between the two tests stems from the fact that the AP exam involves more analytic or theme based questions, whereas the SAT II involves a lot more detail or fact based questions. If you did a lot of in depth studying for the AP, such as having read through a textbook or AMSCO, I think a practice test or two will re-orient you well enough for the SAT II.
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