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Are SAT II Subject tests required anymore?

fatlhatefatlhate 0 replies2 discussionsRegistered User
I missed the deadline to register for one of these tests. I can still sign up for it but there will be an additional fee. Are these tests required anymore? Will it affect my chances if I don't take them?

Would the UCs be more biased towards the student that took the SAT II over someone who didnt? I just took the AP Biology test and don't really think its necessary to take the SAT II Bio again...
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Replies to: Are SAT II Subject tests required anymore?

  • billcshobillcsho 241 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Junior Member
    It depends on what tests you have taken and where are you going to apply. Many schools request ACT with writing or SAT1+2 SAT2. Some schools recommend 2 SAT2 disregarding SAT1 or ACT you took, while others may even require it. Some schools will use AP test in place of subject test, but most don't. You need to check out the application requirement of the schools you are interested in. I strongly recommend taking them when you are taking the corresponding AP anyway. It is only $23 registration (regular) plus $12 per subject, and you get 4 free score reporting including SAT1.
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  • Crystal31Crystal31 8 replies0 discussionsRegistered User
    It depends on the colleges you are applying but most colleges do require there students to take SAT II and yes definitely you have an edge in your application if you have taken SAT II when being compared to another applicant who has not taken it.

    Check the college requirements where you are applying to and then take a suitable stand on whether you want to give SAT II or not.

    All the Best! :)
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  • HONORLIONSHONORLIONS 14 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Junior Member
    If you're applying to top 25 or even top 50 schools, you probably should have two or more SAT IIs on your app, with scores of 700+ at that. Most of the top schools outright require it; for those that don't, you really want to have the most competitive application possible.

    Senior year is going to be cramped with normal schoolwork, college apps, and other retesting that you may have to do - you don't want to kick yourself come the fall when you're juggling 90 different things all because you didn't fork up twenty bucks now.
    Would the UCs be more biased towards the student that took the SAT II over someone who didnt?
    A quick Google search reveals:
    SAT Subject Tests | UC Admissions
    "While SAT Subject Tests are not required, some campuses recommend that freshman applicants interested in competitive majors take the tests to demonstrate subject proficiency."
    Assuming you are gunning for UCLA/Berkeley, you should probably interpret this statement as "have some strong SAT Subject Tests in subjects relevant to your intended program of study." It's not mandatory, but college admissions certainly aren't getting easier by the year.
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