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SAT chem test before or after summer

newb1234newb1234 0 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
What do you all what you think about possibly studying for a sat subject test over summer and taking it when school starts again rather than taking it in June? Have any of you ever had to do this? I was sick for a good part of this school year. Being sick really took a toll on how much I got out of my Ap chem class. I don't feel that I am optimally prepared as of right now, but I don't know whether it is worth taking now with less prep or later with much more prep. I plan on taking another Ap science next year, and I will probably take the subject test for that class when the time comes. What should I do?
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Replies to: SAT chem test before or after summer

  • nimm96nimm96 1 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    I'd suggest taking the subject test for chem before summer. To me, it seems like people always think that they'll be studious over the summer and review and what not, but in reality, they end up resting for a large portion of the summer, and then cramming in the weeks before the exam. And this cramming it's very effective because the information wasn't that fresh in your mind to begin with.
    So really it comes down to your work ethic. Will you go the extra mile and not procrastinate over the summer? Or do you know yourself to be a procrastinator?
    Also, I've heard the SAT subject test for Chem is MUCH easier than the material covered in AP Chem. Most of it seems to be basic high school chemistry, which I'm assuming you took last year and have a solid understanding of?
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  • IntBaccIntBacc 79 replies13 discussionsRegistered User
    It depends on how hard you are willing to work. I just purchased my ACT red book and Barron's chem and math II and plan on studying 1-2 hours a day over the summer. I will take the tests the first testing chance after summer and retake if needed. If you feel you will study then go ahead. If you won't study, take them now.
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