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What do I need?

potterismylifepotterismylife 2 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
I'm a freshman, and I took the SAT on May 4th for the second time. I took it last year in 8th grade for a talent search and got a 2000, and I find out what I got this time on the 23rd.

Here are my grades so far for this year and what I predict I'll be getting for quarter 4 and my final exam:

(Q1 Q2 Midterm Q3 Q4 Final)
English 9 Honors- B B B B B B
History Honors- A A A B A A
Algebra II GT- B B B B B A
Biology G/T- B D B C B B
Spanish 2 Honors- B B B C B A
Piano 1- B B A B A A
Lifetime Fit S1- A B A n/a n/a n/a
Health S2- n/a n/a n/a A A A

(Lifetime Fitness and Health are half credits)

I know, they really suck. xD I just went through a lot of stuff this year and whatever, and I fully plan on getting all A's for the rest of high school.

My question is, how good of an SAT score do I need to make up for how badly I've done in freshman year to get into a good college? Not necessarily Ivies, but good.

Also, please don't say that I don't need to worry about this as a freshman. I promise even if you say that I'll worry anyway.
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  • STEMftwSTEMftw 4 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    you worrying about this as a frosh is what will keep you back
    colleges tend to not like it when you take the SAT before junior year (shows ur a try hard)


    if you show a general trend in your SAT scores, you should be fine (get better than ur 8th grade one). if you get like a 2200+, there is no need to rly take it later so thats good too.

    if you wanna make up for ur freshman grades, the SAT wont do ****. having a life outside of academics, however, will. so get started on that. colleges will understand if you went thru a bunch of stuff
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  • potterismylifepotterismylife 2 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    I don't want to look like a try-hard, I'm just hoping that taking it more often will increase my changes of getting a better SAT score. Haha

    I do a lot of volunteer stuff, so I'm not worried about extracurriculars. I'm more focused on the academic side of things at this point.
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