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SAT problem

international96international96 35 replies9 discussions
I really need help!
i heard that i need to complete 2subject tests to enter some colleges.
im an international student and recently decided to study in the us.im in grade 11(1ere in french system) and took the sat for the first time in may without studying. expect something close to 1150.and.i havent registered for the june SAT. so i only have 3 more times to do the SAT(october november december).i have to do the normal sat 2times at least(after studying) and need 2 subject tests, but i can only do the SAT 3 times .(sat and satsubject are on the same day).i want to apply to BU NYU UCB UMICH UCSD CHICAGO.
with studying im sure i can pull off a 1300+/1600 and 800 on sat french . can i apply.to these colleges with only 1subject test?
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Replies to: SAT problem

  • billcshobillcsho 241 replies2 discussions Junior Member
    You will need 1400+/1600 to enter the game for these schools and a 1500+ for a better chance.
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  • glidoglido 34 replies1 discussions Junior Member
    there might still be time to register for the June test, but i wouldn't take an SAT without practicing the test for at least three weeks.

    There are many colleges in the US that do not require the SAT Subject Matter tests. But if you want to apply to those that do, you have plenty of time. Just select the tests you are most comfortable with and practice, practice , practice over the summer Best of Luck.
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  • mitchklongmitchklong 4 replies0 discussions
    Also remember that all those schools will take the ACT in liu of the SAT, so that doubles the number of test dates for you. I agree with glido, no need to panic.
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