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sat for transfer students

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I am planning to transfer for fall of 2014 and some schools require SAT/ACT scores. I took the SAT & ACT in Fall of 2002 and therefore my scores are not eligible for acceptance. I am planning to retake them and am looking for some advice. When I took them previously the writing part was a subject test and I do know that this has changed. I had to write my essay in the testing center, without prior knowledge of the prompt.

Which of the two are a better bet for someone who has already completed a few years of college courses? I haven't taken a great deal of math, I did take algebra two almost two years ago and know that that will be my biggest weakness. I took biology & geology at the same time as math, but am naturally inclined to science more so than math and feel I am able to pick up on that much faster.

I am planning to take at least two subjects tests. My majors are art history & anthropology, which tests relate best to that? I am planning to take the literature test for sure and depending on my budget I may sign up for the June 1st date. I might take a language test, probably German, as well. Is the score for listening considered better than the one for non-listening?

Do you have any recs for what books would be best suited for someone who wants the most efficient course of action? I want whatever is most up to date and doesn't have a lot of superfluous material, with as many practice tests as possible.

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