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ACT Prep Where to Start?

jlee5559jlee5559 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Hello, this is my first thread on this forum I just recently registered because I believe that I might be able to get some advices from people who have already graduated high school.

I'll just inform you about my background before I ask some questions. I was born in the US(my ethnicity is asian) and went to South Korea when I was 7. In Korea I wasn't well educated(stopped going to school after 4th grade) because we had a lot of financial problems in my family and my father went to the US leaving our family in Korea. about 3-4 years later our family was able to make enough money to come to US and see our father. Because of the long time I spent in Korea I had forgotten all my english, but I eventually catched up. I skipped school since I was 4th grade so I lack in a lot of english and I'm failing the ACT on english.

I'm currently a sophomore and I had taken the Practice ACT(a retired ACT) a few days ago and this is how my scores came out to be.

Math: 31

English: 20

Reading: 16

Science: 22

I know I'm going to be able to get a 35-36 on math next year but for english, reading, and science it's not looking good. Half of the reading I can't understand what they're saying and english I just read the sentence and go with the answer that my guts tell me to go with. Now I want to get a 35-36 on all of the subjects. Most people think it's impossible for me to get a 35 on the ACT just because of my scores recently but I believe that I could do it considering that I was able to catch up to other people faster than most people could and I spend most of my hours studying.

For english part on ACT where do I start to learn rules of writing sentences and paragraphs?

What are some tips on improving my reading scores?

Any tips on the ACT?

Do I just need to memorize all the rules to get a 36 on the english part?

I'd appreciate it if I could get some answers. Sorry if this was in the wrong section

feel free to PM me
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Replies to: ACT Prep Where to Start?

  • sg12909sg12909 21 replies0 discussions
    Get a prep book- try Kaplan or Princeton. There's nothing that you specifically need to work on.
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  • billcshobillcsho 241 replies2 discussions Junior Member
    You need to work on the grammar and vocab to improve your English and Reading scores. The grammar part is easier to catch up, while it takes time and effort to learn new words.
    English section need to have perfect answers for 36. Obviously, most students do not get 36. Anyway, you may start with a prep book as sg12090 said. Make sure you get one with review sections not just practice tests. Work hard this summer on it and do as many practice tests as possible. Do go through the answers and explanations. You will see a big improvement by next year.
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  • getontargetgetontarget 8 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    Get familiar with the tests. In the week before it, you should basically breath the ACT. Your scores can't get any worse, but will improve by not only taking practice exams, but analyzing your errors as well.
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  • sg12909sg12909 21 replies0 discussions
    In addition, try reading a variety of English-language material to boost your speed and comprehension ability without having to worry about the often twisted test passages. To start, the NYTimes, Time Magazine, and Wall Street Journal are high-quality publications with generous online access for free users.
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