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UT vs. Rice (BME/premed) help!!

utkiddo12utkiddo12 1 replies2 discussions Forum Champion
I applied as a transfer student to Rice for BME, and I was accepted.

Quick info about me:
-current UT freshman in BME
-waitlisted at Rice last year (did not get off the waitlist)

A year ago, I would've leaned towards Rice. However, after being at UT for a year, I'm not sure if it's worth it to pay the extra tuition for a Rice degree in BME. (note: money is not an issue, but I don't my parents to pay so much more if it's not worth it)
I feel like the BME department here is very strong, and the students are just as smart. BME at UT only takes the top 1%.

My mother and uncle are really pushing me to go to Rice though. They cite the higher ranking (Rice is 6th in BME, whereas UT is 14th I think), higher quality of education, and the higher level of prestige (UT is highly though of in Texas, but Rice is respected nationally).

My future plans are to apply to medical school. Everyone I have ever talked to about this matter has told me that your grad/professional school is the one that matters, and where you go for undergrad has little to no bearing on where you get accepted into grad/prof school.

I know that Rice also has the Texas Medical Center and such, but there are hospitals in Austin at which I can volunteer and shadow.

Just wanted some advice/thoughts on if a Rice degree is REALLY that much more valuable in terms of future prospects (nationwide) and better BME education.

Thanks in advance for your help! I really really appreciate it!
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Replies to: UT vs. Rice (BME/premed) help!!

  • crazymomstercrazymomster 11 replies2 discussions Junior Member
    What caused you to apply for transfer in the first place?

    Do you have your financial aid offer from Rice already?

    Your undergrad experience where you can sink or swim at any school, is the first stepping stone toward your higher education. If you go to UT and become a top student with outstanding recommendations and GRE score, then there is no reason to leave, however, if you are a mediocre student with mediocre recs, etc, and if the same would apply to Rice, then you would be better off with a Rice education, in terms of doors being open for higher education/opportunities.

    The difference between 6th and 14th is insignificant. If these rankings are accurate, then they are both strong programs. Probably the rankings though do not apply to undergrad.

    Unless your parents have money growing on trees, the money IS an issue, as you (they?) will be paying LOTS for medical school.

    Good luck.
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