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  • Roxanne95
    Hey, I don't know if you'll see this but I just got invited to a Skype interview for the Altman Program and it seems you never posted here whether you actually got in or not and whether you chose UChicago or Tulane. I'd love to talk if you're willing because I have a few questions and you seem like the right person to turn to. Thanks, and hope you're happy wherever you ended up!
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    February 2013
  • gigica
    Hi there xp1123 -- thought I'd send this privately so as not to lunber the others. My D's language is French. I am super torn by the party and other situations at Tulane, but this program appears to be amazing. At this point, her other options are Wake Forest (totally different, much like your Uof Chic dilemna) but I thinks she's a little intimidated by the location far from civilization so to speak. She has other options but is not at all keen on them (like GW, BU, etc.) as well as the UCs - but waitlisted for UCLA. So that's 'us' right now. I hope you make the right decision for yourself; we'll just wait for Friday or this w/e to see what pans out of this Altman program. U of Chic is a great **** school, I hope you get into Altman as I am sure they would welcome such bright students as you.
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    April 2012