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  • TexasCollegeMom
    How are student owned or grandparent owned 529 plans assessed by CSS Profile Schools?
    We’re considering moving a Grandparent trust to a 529 plan. What is the best way to reduce the impact for CSS Profile schools? (Daughter is a HS senior but we also have a HS freshman. Trust value is 60 K to be split between them. We make 90K so this could make a difference on where eldest should apply.)
    Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    September 2011
  • vballmom
    blubbermonkey - I sent you a private message.
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    June 2011
  • blubbermonkey
    hey fellow silicon valley-er, can you reccommend me a good college counselor? Thanks
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    June 2011
  • puma12
    Hi vballmom - I am the poster who had an S who visited Redlands and came home to report some drinking and drugs he was uncomfortable with. I've been wanting to follow up with you because I feel, after more conversation with S, that we owe Redlands an apology! What actually happened (that he was hesitant to tell us about) was that his host and a couple of others took their two prospies to a drinking party, which was weird for him. Then on the way home, they ran into a friend (a girl) who was totally incapacitated - her friends said she was high on ecstasy - and the hosts did some helping. This was all way out of S's experience range! However, after we had some more talks with him, I wanted him to realize this isn't a college-wide thing! So please accept my apologies if you felt at all that I disparaged Redlands! All of this college visit stuff is growing up fast!
    Thank you for your help on the previous thread, too.
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    October 2010