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  • babygood
    my name is miss brenda i have some thing very important to share with you ,please send me your Email To my Email directly to this email adresss here [[email protected]/a/h/o/o.in] so that i can give you my pictures
    my email address ....[[email protected]/a/h/o/o.in]
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    March 2013
  • nervedoctor
    My son attends an elite boarding school in New England has been encouraged to change his application from regular to early decision at CC (plays lax). He excels in math and has well controlled ADHD on stimulants since age 7, Would appreciate your thoughts. He also applied to U Richmond and Trinity College Connecticut regular decision is not eager to apply to many schools. Thanks,
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    November 2011
  • 082349
    Hello! I would like to send a private message to you but unfortunately your inbox is full. Is there any other way I can send the message?
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    September 2011
  • sidthekid
    hey, I just wanted to tell you that I got in ED to Colorado College.. got the admission letter today and im all excited.. can't wait for fall to come around.. Thanx for answering all my questions in the CC forums..
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    December 2010
  • sidthekid
    hey, thanks for your post. It was really helpful. I'll be posting some more questions in the days to come and it would be great if you answered them.

    btw, uve got a great sense of humour. electrocution?? hahahahaha..

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    November 2010
  • higgins2013
    Good morning! I saw your post to student with low GPA but ACT+ scores, and am particularly interested in your Lawrence recommendation. We've just begun college research for our Soph son, who attends a selective enrollment private college prep. He tests well, but is now B student, w/LD diagnoses. He's a relatively naive very polite student who is shy. Another parent in our community suggested that Lawrence and Beloit would be good fits, and we're very interested in Wisconsin LACs in particular do to geographic proximity. She noted that Lawrence kids are "really nice", which is important to us too. Our son is talking about majoring in math, with possible minor in classics/latin. Thank you.
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    November 2010
  • beccabee
    i noticed on one thread that you helped several people with their reaches/matches/safeties and was wondering if you could help me sort out my list. any help would be appreciated (:
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    March 2010
  • onthefly
    I noticed you always give helpful answers on my colorado college questions, so I was wondering if you could look at my essay for me and tell me if it would be a good one to send to cc? It is fine either way so don't feel obligated to read.

    Thanks no matter what

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    August 2009