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  • takeitallin
    I just sent you a private message...
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    February 2013
  • sjschaef
    Hello, I was just reading your post in a money concerns thread and saw you said your D left a program after one semester and then transfered? I also live in CA and my D also just left a BFA MT program after a semester. We are still reeling after all that went into the decision, just wondered where your D ended up going out of state and any advice on the re-applying process just how you all got through it. Looks like my D wants to stay in so. Cal so our options are limited... thanks very much!
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    January 2013
  • notasoccermom
    HI there...hope you still check CC. Am I right in that your D spent a year at BoCo and then transfered? Can you pm me and share your story. I am interested in logistics, ie. when to start applying, etc. My D has been accepted to a strong BFA program but I don't think we will be able to sustain that four 4 years as they offered no talent scholarship. so sad to say we are looking at transfers before she even starts as a freshman.
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    April 2011
  • dieselbt
    I am so happy . Yes The UC system is tight and when Georgia applied she was given about $7,000 and I was amazed at that amount I have also heard mixed takes on the UCLA MT program. from seniors I know. Kate will love being closer to NYC and the East Coast provides a very different exposure o the performance world our girls are interested in . Things have certainly changed.
    Georgia is busy working on the senior showcase and its all steam ahead . She is very happy with the way things are for the moment and loved the mock auditon they had this semseter . She is rearing to go .
    Best of luck for the up coming year .
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    April 2010
  • dieselbt
    Yay I just read your news about UCLA . Congratulations to Kate.
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    April 2010
  • anne1244
    Thanks for your prompt response. So UCLA is your D's top choice school? If so, I am curious why in light of all the schools to which she has applied. Do you live in California?
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    March 2010