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  • icannotwait
    Hey! I saw your post about interning at a think tank in the D.C. area. Do you mind if I ask what think tank?
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    February 2013
  • Skydancer017
    Hey Soccerguy,
    I thought your response about UVa and their excessively popped collars was pretty funny. I am not quite sure why UVa feels they need to rag on W&M but W&M does not fell the need to insult UVa...but hopefully we'll smash them again this year in football. Thanks!
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    April 2011
  • soccerguy315
    If I had to choose, at least at this juncture (in June), I would probably live in the Units. W&M is a fairly small school, and most of the social stuff (parties and clubs) is on campus or within walking distance at houses or the Delis (3 bars, right next to the Wawa). I would only live off campus if I was within walking distance, and at this point, I'm sure most, if not all of that, is gone. Most students secure their off campus housing in during the beginning/middle of the 2nd semester. The campus is not really conducive to driving to class. There will be room to park at WM hall, but you aren't going to be able to park in front of the building your class is in. It would most likely be a 10-15 minute walk from where you park.

    Some info on off campus options here:

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask, though I did live all 4 years on campus. Senior year, you will be guaranteed on campus housing.
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    June 2009
  • soccerguy315
    The Units are generally viewed as the worst upperclassmen housing. You can see the individual room information here: http://www.wm.edu/offices/residencelife/oncampus/residencehalls/upperlevel/fraternity/index.php Just click on whatever room you were offered, and it should pop up a box with dimensions. They get a bad rap because they tend to have small windows, and they lack air conditioning. If you get a doctor's note, you can have AC. Looking at the dimensions now, they physical size of the room seems comparable to other dorms. The other main reason they get a bad rap is that they are intermingled with the fraternities, so on the weekends there are parties right next to where you live. They also have (if I am remembering correctly) cinderblock walls on the inside instead of wallboard, so they aren't as "homey".

    You will be ok at for most of the year at W&M with no AC, but the first month or so you will definitely wish you had it.
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    June 2009
  • VAhockeyD
    I have spent a considerable amount of time reading through the threads on this board and I have noticed that you seem to be a well informed and helpful student from William and Mary. I'm contacting you to see if you can offer me an opinion on housing. Yesterday I was offered a spot in Unit-H but the limited information on this board about the Units seems to be all negative. Can you provide more insight into the units? Also, if you had to choose between living in the Units or finding somewhere off-campus, where would you choose? I will be transfer into the college as a third year, if that helps. Thank you for your time and any information that you are able to provide me.
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    June 2009