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  • scmom12
    The upstate is heavily republican. I'll admit we are a conservative family who were concerned about colleges being too liberal. Most schools have all kinds! Do you mean socially, politically or religiously? Socially, you see everything at Furman. This year the campus will be "damp" - students of age can have alcohol in dorms. The town itself is a little more religiously conservative, but I think Greenville has a great vibe. Good downtown, good concerts and close to mountains. Lots of outdoor options. There is a walking/biking trail that runs from above FU into downtown. Big into sustainability (like a lot of schools today). Roots are Baptist but no longer has close ties. A Gen Ed requirement is a course on Big Question (I think) and can include religion (all) or philosophy. More republican part of state but think students are all over the place. When Pres. Bush spoke at commencment, some faculty protested. Dick Riley, former SC dem governor has also spoken. worth a visit for sure.
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    May 2012
  • shoboemom
    Hi SCmom, Thank you for the info on Furman. I have been reading more about it on their website. Can you tell me any more about the political/social views there and in the surrounding town? We live in a very conservative area and I really want D to have a chance to have an experience where the attitudes are more liberal. Sometimes college can do that even in the deep south, but I wonder especially about the surrounding area. Thanks again!
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    May 2012