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  • 12xxgk
    Hi I heard that you are a proponent of the TI-89. I am currently using the Ti-89 and I do not exactly know how to maximize its features and functions to ace my SAT Math. I score really horribly on the SAT Math, usually around 470~580. So, I was wondering if your math book, The New Math SAT Game Plan, contains TI-89 stuff.
    Thank you for your time
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    May 2013
  • IceQube
    Thanks for your support and very helpful explanations to my SAT questions :). I took an official PSAT and I (nearly) aced it. I only left 1 question blank on the entire test.

    I think my situation had more to do with a lack of sleep than answering too many questions. I had slept for a good 10-11 hours before I took the PSAT, and I really think that helped, especially with my concentration levels and ability to tackle "difficult" problems without getting frustrated.

    Here's what I got. I told my parents but they didn't really seem to appreciate my accomplishments ... ;(.

    Scores: 80 CR (1 blank)
    77 M (1 wrong)
    80 W
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    September 2011
  • pckeller
    Right, but just a few. And its certainly OK to answer anything you feel like. I just want you to let go of any rushed feeling. Hope it goes well.
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    September 2011
  • IceQube
    Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely try leaving a few questions blank when I take another practice SAT this weekend :).
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    September 2011