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  • Emancipate
    Hello NYU2013! I am an incoming junior transfer student at NYU. I decided to major in Philosophy. I remembered that somewhere you mentioned you are a philosophy major. Could you offer some insights? Thanks!
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    June 2012
  • CastoStern
    Graduating this summer? What happened to '13. Did you take summer classes or used AP credits to grad early? I have an undergrad friend whose also doing law.
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    April 2012
  • CastoStern
    Sorry to be nosy but why does your name say durham '15? are you transferring ?
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    April 2012
  • FutureOfWallSt
    Hey man, I love you. Sorry if I upset you so much :(
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    February 2012
  • vigilant111
    Hey NYU2013, You seem to have a lot of knowledge about NYU.
    Have you heard of the new Business and Political economy program for Stern which is accepting 25-50 people this year. Do you know if this is easier to get into than stern in general as it is new or anything else about this? Thanks
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    December 2011
  • iMapple94
    Hey NYU2013 how r u?
    i see u have quite a number of posts chancing people
    mind doing one more? Thanks
    Location: Staten Island,NY
    Ethnicity: South East Asian (Burmese) American
    Gender: Male
    Major: Biology(Premed)
    GPA:97.5 W
    SAT: 1310/1920 (690 math, 620 critical reading, 610 writing)
    SAT IIs: 620 Math Level 2, 670 Math Level 1 (did not prepare well, May retake in January)
    AP Tests(not sending): 3 AP World, 2 AP English Comp., 2 APUSH
    AP Bio, AP Calc AB, AP Gov, AP Literature in Senior Year
    Class Rank/Percentile: #4 out of 129
    Extracurriculars/Volunteer/Work Experience:
    1. Ping Pong Club founder/president(10-12)
    2. Fencing Team (9-12) [Captain 12]
    3. Interned at LIU Brooklyn Campus Chemistry Department
    4. Chinese American Community Service (11-12) 50 Hours
    5. Volunteer Photographer at Two Organizations (9-12) Over 100 Hours
    6. Tennis Team (9-12)
    Essays: Average(not a good Writer)
    Teachers Recs: Great
    Guidance Counselor Rec: Great
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    December 2011
  • ohnamoo
    when do they usually ask for 1st quarter reports?(this is regarding NYU)
    also i have a 89 UW GPA and 93.4 W GPA with 2200 SAT
    SAT II: 750 physics 790 math 2c and 740chem (took again probably higher)
    and a lot of music and extra curricular stuff
    I early decided for college of arts and science
    what are the chances of me getting in?
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    November 2011
  • Passive
    Hello, I have a quick question regarding NYU. I messaged you seeing that you post quite often in NYU chance threads and you're in the school. Just with the basics of a 2150 SAT, 780 math, and a 3.54 GPA, what are the chances of getting into NYU Stern through ED1? Are they better than the chances of getting into NYU Cas via ED1? Yes I know the GPA is lower than normal but would the ED help at all?
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    October 2011
  • nyu427
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    September 2011