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  • gabby1116
    Hi mumof2. Girls dress in both shorts and sundresses with flip flops. If she is staying overnight, I would suggest that she brings a sundress as she will probably go out to dinner with her host.

    I understand her fear, I felt the same way. I have not heard of any other strategy other than the things you mentioned. I did have a friend who was placed in JL and, after a nasty call from her mother, got switched to Sharp immediately.

    I am hosting a girl this weekend so if you have any questions about this year's program, hopefully I will be able to answer them.
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    March 2011
  • fallenchemist
    That's wonderful! I'll take my usual 10% cut. LOL, seriously that's just fantastic. She must be over the moon.
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    December 2010
  • mumof2
    Well at least we are not competimng with each other, LOL! Mine is applying to business schools, she goes to a VERY competitive HS, college is all the kids discuss, so stressful. Thank god NO portfolio! But she has no true safety that she wants to attend, UMASS is her only safety and she hated it but I made her apply just in case.. god knows why! And she has 4 AP classes, dances 5 hrs week, works part time, plays a sport with practices til 6 every day (That ends next week, yeah!) and is president of her youth group that takes up hpurs every week. So how the heck can she spend time trying to figure out all this college app stuff without me!

    It sounds like you are in the exact same boat except even worse because of the portfolio - so good luck to you! You and she will fell much better next week when it is done. Except now that my D's apps are done I just get nauseous thinking about it!
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    October 2010
  • momofboston
    I totally agree - we are north of Boston - some of the people on these boards are just nuts. I am very anxious about Ds apps, it is possible that she won't get into a program because it is so competitive...even though her stats are good! I too am not trying to show my stress...my D is finally starting to calm down. She has one week left to get her portfolio out the door and then it is done.

    I even had a hard time navigating all the requirements, apps, and scores...I just think the whole college applications process as well as what the kids have to put themselves through in HS to be competitive very daunting. And insane. Thank goodness there are others like you that feel the same!
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    October 2010