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  • ahmedlaw
    thank you for help me happymomof1
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    April 2013
  • shadowcat2
    Thank you for every thing.
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    December 2012
  • wfergus18
    People like you make the world better. Thank you very much for helping us answering many of out inquires in a way that makes us look at our different situations from different, better perspectives.
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    November 2012
  • Rockwell5
    Just a little post saying I private messaged you!
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    June 2012
  • ESLStudent
    Truly appreciate for all of your suggestion!
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    June 2011
  • CherryCAI
    Thanks a lot. Your advice is indeed helpful.
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    January 2011
  • sr2002
    Hey thanks a lot for your reply it was very reassuring, i have posted some other questions I had. If your not busy could you reply soon? ... thnx again!
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    September 2010
  • Sarahchoi13
    thanks for the reply
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    September 2010
  • Skydancer017
    Hey Happymomof1, thank you so much for your post. I am indeed applying to UMD early, its a great school and I will definitley be able to afford it. Thank you for your advice- it was very helpful, much more than many peoples. Please, keep on providing comfort to those other nervous high school seniors who are just as confused and stressed as I am.
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    September 2010
  • journey919
    Dear Happymom

    I would love to have the DC area optician's name. I live in Gaithersburg, MD but go to DC for work related stuff so anywhere around the beltway is great. Thank you!

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    June 2010